Team Previews

We begin our blogging with team previews. Over the next couple of days I’ll be posting a preview of every team participating in the World Cup.  These posts will serve as a good overview of the teams, their history, their tactics, best players as well as an assessment of their likely prospects. If you know nothing about the game or a seasoned follower, you’ll hopefully find this useful.

This post will contain a link to all the previews:

Group A

Group A is for me probably the least predictable of all groups.  Any one of the four teams can be reasonably optimistic about their chances of qualifying out of it, and reasonably fearful of not making it through.  The strongest team on paper, France, is not in its best shape. The weakest team on paper, South Africa, has the home advantage. Uruguay and Mexico are both capable of impressing and disappointing.  One thing is for certain, this group will make for some very interesting games.

South Africa





Argentina should not face much trouble qualifying from this group, though with Maradona, no one can ever know.  Nigeria, Greece and South Korea do not look like particularly inspiring teams, but can all be hopeful of qualification.



South Korea



It is a fun common feature in World Cups to find England playing against its former colonies. Some would say that it’s a welcome change that this time around they’re drawn against their current imperial overlords—the USA.  The match between these two should be special; the Americans are really pumped about it. They will both expect to qualify, though, as both countries seem to hold in contempt for Algeria and Slovenia—typical colonialist mentality, some would say.


United States of America




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